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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can I enhance my contribution?
  • Can I create a larger deduction?
  • Can I cut a smaller check, whether corporate or personal?
  • Can my deduction/plan be more efficient?
  • Can I lower my rank and file cost?
  • What is Qualified Plan Design?
  • What is Design?
  • Can I incorporate my needs/wishes?
  • Are my contributions flexible?
  • What is my CPA/Advisor missing?
  • After the Qualified Plan, what's next for a larger deduction?
  • Am I failing my 401(k) discrimination testing?
  • Who is being discriminated against in my plan? Is it me?
  • Has my plan been updated with the new PPA/ATRA legislation?
  • What can 404(a)(7) do for me and my deduction?
  • Is my plan being managed to meet my overall objectives?
  • Are too many highly compensated employees a bad thing?
  • In order to get a lot, do I need to give a lot? Design!
  • What type of match is appropriate for my business?
  • What is my estate tax bill going to be?
  • What is comprehensive money management?

Who's Customizing Your Plan Design?

Is Your Deduction/Plan Working for You?


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