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What We Do.


Integrity Advisors' unique ability is focused on the advocating of Qualified Plan opportunities to the closely held business and individual communities. By using our professional relationships with actuarial design firms, Integrity facilitates and expedites the flow of information, and translates actuarial language (concepts, formulas, designs) to the client/advisor in a more understandable manner. Thus, enabling the client/advisor to take advantage of opportunities to maximize retirement while reducing income tax liability. This is accomplished through the legislative enhancements in section 400 of the Internal Revenue Code Qualified Retirement Plan Design.

We at Integrity Advisors are privilaged to have been part of the forgotten niche in Qualified Plan Design thanks to the efforts of our grandfather, father and founder, Salvatore Gaglio, to bridge the intergenerational changes in tax legislation. Our key strength from his generation to ours and for many more years to come will remain the same: "STAYING CURRENT ON CHANGES IN THE FEDERAL TAX LAW THAT IMPACT THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY."


Integrity Advisors financial professionals are not permitted to provide services that would qualify them as an ERISA fiduciary for a qualified plan.